Monday, October 19, 2009

Refreshed, revitalized, rejuvenated...

We're back from our little break. While it's nice to be back in our own bed, I would give that up to spend every morning at the beach. I had such a great time while we were away and I still feel like I'm floating around on rainbows and fairy dust, so please forgive me if this post is a bit all over the place.

I ate, I drank, I was merry and am now darker shade of lily white. Ollie totally discarded his fear of the water and by the end of our holiday, was running fearlessly into the surf, which was quite scary. Eddie was just Eddie, our happy little camper. He did grow the beginnings of a bottom tooth while we were away. Brain dedicated a morning to washing and polishing the car (hoorah for no water restrictions!), after it was turned red by the recent dust storms. Whatever floats your boat.

Brain and I attended two wonderful weddings, child free, which was a refreshing change. I also went to an old friends Hens Night, where many cocktails and much fine food was consumed. The dancing came later. I must admit I was quite chuffed with myself when I managed to walk up Noosa hill in my highest of high heels, considering I am very high heel unfit these days.

Today was a steady fall back to reality, sorting through emails, doing mounds of washing and eyeing off the sewing machine. I had to cook dinner tonight after 10 days off, that was painful. Now I'm off to the gym, which I imagine will be even more painful.

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