Friday, October 30, 2009

My current top 5...

Things are descending into madness (ha - I just typed madeness - makes sense) here at the moment. Mathilda's is on Sunday and I am rushing around like a mad thing, running my sewing machine into the ground. Have I got enough shorts? Hmmm, couldn't hurt to make some more. Enough singlets? This design is so cute, better make some more. Enough shoes? Hmmmm.... You get the picture.

So, I thought I would tell you about the top 5 things that are getting me through this week:

1. China Jasmine Tea from T2.

So lovely, so refreshing - it's becoming like water to me at the moment.

2. Taking Back Sunday - Live From Bamboozle.

This band have been a favourite of mine forever. Listen if you are into poppy-punky-catchy tunes with vocals that battle each other to be your favourite. Turn it up loud, sing even louder.

3. My wonderful husband.

My dishwashing, house cleaning, kids breakfast getting, understanding, comforting, break giving husband. What would I do without you?

4. Breakfast.

I love breakfast. If everything else throughout the day falls down in a heap, it's ok - coz I had a decent breakfast, which always consists of: multigrain toast, a poached egg and the all important flat white (made by me with freshly ground beans from the Farmer's Market in Noosa). Ahh.

5. My boys.

They completely interfere with how much work I get done. But they make me stop, think and bring me back down to earth by making me laugh.

Next week will hopefully bring some sort of normal back (whatever that is), but for now, I'm off to have a meeting with the Janome. Again.

So what's your tops 5 this week? Share.


  1. lovely post, go mum go! I am sooo looking fwd to getting a coffee machine at HOME...Have a wonderful prep for market!

  2. 1. Coffee
    2. More Coffee
    3. Too Much Coffee
    4. Girlfriends came over for coffee and brought doughnuts
    5. Left over doughnuts

    Have a great market!!!