Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bird and the Babies and Brain are off...

We're all having a little break as of tomorrow. Can't wait. I can't tell you the last time we had time off... There is always the usual over Christmas, but other than that, Brain has used all his leave looking after me when I had the babies. I had two emergency caesareans, so needed him at home for a bit longer than anticipated.

Anyway, we are heading 'home' to Noosa, which is where we both grow up and where both my parents and my inlaws still live. I've spent the day madly posting off orders, cleaning and packing, so we should be ready to go as soon as we have all had brekky tomorrow. Ollie tends to eat three brekkies at the moment, so that may delay out departure.

When we're up there, I plan to do a morning run along the beach, to combat the eating and drinking I will be doing at the two weddings and one hens I am attending. For anyone that's interested, the Couch To 5k program is excellent. I am so not a runner, but am slowly getting there by following the C25K program. My dog Harry will love me, he is an excellent running partner, Lolapug, not so much.

Speaking of Lolapug, I bought her a life jacket this week from Wagsalot Pet Services. I was super impressed with the customer service and the fast arrival of the lifejacket. A lifejacket? You ask. Well yes. Lola loves a swim, but does it about as well as a brick, which means I am forever rescuing her. Now though, she will be able to paddle to her hearts content.

Anyway, my internet access will be limited while I'm gone, so it make take me a while to reply to emails etc. Please feel free to still send through your orders, just be aware that they will take longer than usual to arrive. And if I don't answer emails, it doesn't mean I'm ignoring you, it just means I am finally on holiday!

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  1. Have a great holiday Katie!
    Enjoy the sun and sand.