Sunday, November 8, 2009

Must Love Dogs...

I do. I love dogs, little, big, hairy, slobbery... So to continue with the photography theme, you must check out Ruthless Industries' blog. Ruth takes fantastic photos of her own and other peoples dogs, I could sift through them for hours, going back to look at my favourites over and over again. So inspired by Ruth's '10 Facts About' series, I thought I would give you the 10 Facts about Harry and Lola...

10 Facts About Harry

1. Harry was an accident.
Harry is the result of an amorous encounter between a Pug and a German Shepherd. His father got to his mother via human error. To answer your next question - his mother was the pug, she birthed 8 puppies naturally and his father was 6 months old at the time of conception.

2. Harry has serious dental problems.
Harry's jaw is overshot, which means his bottom jaw sticks out a good 2cms further than his top jaw. No doubt his mixed heritage can be thanked for that. Walking him can be interesting, as often people think he is baring his teeth at them.

3. Harry should be bald.

He loses so much coat that I swear he shouldn't have any left. His double coat is short, but very thick and drops out all year round. The undercoat is so fine that it drifts around the place like a mist, occassionally ending up in eyes or mouths.

4. Harry has an addiction.
To balls mostly, but any toy will do. In fact, the dead skin of a tennis ball will do if there is nothing else around. He will constantly drop the ball at your feet, hoping, waiting, praying that you will throw it for him. And if you do, then you will be stuck with him forever and ever and ever...

5. Harry has serious dental problems (part 2).
Not only is he terribly undershot, he has also worn down his canines to the same level as his incisors, due to his ball addiction. This doesn't seem to inhibit his bone consumption.

6. Harry is a dream to train.
He has the drive, he has the smarts and can learn tricks so quickly, if only I had the time and energy to do some sort of sport with him. One day...

7. Harry has no off-switch.

The dog is seven years old and isn't showing any signs of slowing down. He will come back from a 5km run, get a drink and then go grab a ball for you to throw. He is a nutter.

8. Harry is 'the voice'.
He now wears a zappy bark collar when we aren't home, because he gets over protective of the house and yard. He is a completely different dog when we are at home.

9. Harry is a nigel.

He has no friends (except Lola). He is a doggy snob and while out, would much prefer to chase a toy, than play nice with others.

10. Harry takes after my husband.
Just like my husband, he leans towards the skinny side and can be difficult to keep weight on, even though he is a bottomless pit with food. We put this down to his boundless energy and being constantly on the go.

10 Facts about Lola

1. Lola is a man's lady.
Lola attracts men, I have no idea what it is about her, but far more men will come over for a pat than women.

2. Lola needs a hanky.
She will almost always sneeze on new people when they pick her up. It never fails to disgust.

3. Lola keeps me up at night.
Both dogs sleep crated together in the loungeroom. If our bedroom door is open, she keeps me awake with her snoring - all the way down the other end of the house. There is no way she could sleep in our room.

4. Lola is naughty.
She won't let me clip her nails, she is a shocker. She will grunt, snort, cry, wiggle, scratch, hyperventilate and drop out all her coat. She's nuts.

5. Lola has a dodgy hip.
When she was six months old, she was diagnosed with Legg-Calve-Perthes disease, which is essentially a dying femoral head (top of the femur where it sits into the hip socket). She had surgery to remove the femoral head and now she skips and limps a bit when she has been running around. She is on Ester C, fish oil, glucosamine and cartrophen.

6. Lola is a nigel too.

Harry is her bestest and only bud. She annoys they crap out of him by chasing him and chewing on his ankles when he chases the ball. But they have curled up together every night since she was a puppy. She has no time for other dogs, and if they annoy her, they will feel the wrath of her bark. Scary stuff.

7. Lola is a lazy cow.

Some days I literally have to drag her out of the crate and make her go outside to pee. She would sleep the day away otherwise.

8. Lola swims like a brick.
She loves a swim, so bolts into the water. Slowly, her back end drops down, she becomes vertical, egg beaters away for a while and then that head goes under and it's all over. I have to go in and rescue her. Recently, we bought her a life jacket and although she feels embarrassed by it for 7 seconds, she soon gets over it and stays afloat in the water. I have a much nicer time at the beach now.

9. Lola thrives on a raw diet.
She gets right into salmon heads, lamb flaps and chicken frames. Even with a mouth like a wobbygong shark, she quite expertly handles meat on bone.

10. Lola takes after her mother.

We really have to watch her food intake. Just like me, she has the ability to put on 3kgs from walking past a bakery. Luckily I'm harder on her diet than my own and she is quite a lean little monster.


  1. Hehe, thanks for the link :D

    I have to avoid walking past bakeries too! Maybe I need to try a raw diet. It's probably the only one I haven't tried! lol

  2. Aww, they are gorgeous.
    I wouldn't think Harry was baring his teeth, he looks like he's smiling.

    I just awarded you with a Kreativ Blogger Award. Simply head to my blog for details :)