Thursday, November 26, 2009

Ah, the challenges...

I am currently sewing up a storm for my BabyBird Party on Sunday, which is a challenge in itself. Well, this week it's being made even more difficult by my darling angel Eddie, who decided that he might attempt to cut four teeth at once. Yes, four teeth. True to form, he isn't taking the whole thing too badly, but his usual sleep times have been cut short - which means more stops to make snacks/play with/cuddle/amuse. This in turn means that Ollie has to join in and results in very little sewing getting done.

Oh well, these are the days of my life.

PS More info about the party can be found here.

PPS I have a big announcement that will be made at the party, which I will then share with everyone else next week.

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  1. Katie,

    Good luck with Sunday's party. You live a suburb over from where I used to live in Zillmere :). Hope the big announcement goes well - how exciting! Shall be kept on edge till next week :p.