Monday, March 1, 2010

What a Week!

What a crazy week I've had.

I received a pile of orders for the new style martingale collars...

I had a few orders come through on madeit....

I was excited to be part of a brand new blog featuring handmade products for kids...

Then I got sick. And now Eddie is sick (well, he's either got my cold, or he is having a bit of a reaction to his vaccinations - either way, he is now my velcro baby and is making it very difficult to get things done).

At least I'm on the mend, which is good. Today is a lovely recovery day - nice and cool and rainy. The first day of autumn and I have jeans on! Jeans! Looking forward to winter at this rate.


  1. Oh dear! I've been sick with a cough and sore throat and my son woke up all croaky this morning, so kept him home from school today. Hope your little darling feels better soon! Congrats on all your orders!

  2. Congrats on the orders:) Noce collars. And good luck with the little guy. It is a balancing act with a sick littlie and trying to get work done. Thats the joy of beig a Wahm:)

  3. The viral thing is definitely going around. I had it two weeks ago. Hope the little fella is better soon. Nice leaf shot. I love when it rains but not when I have to get clothes dry.
    Well done on the orders. I wish I had your luck and skill.

  4. I'm wearing jeans too. I love it!

    I hope you're all better in no time.

    I've never heard the velcro saying before... but Lacey is always like that. She constantly wants to hold on to my nipples. Crazy. She's holding them as I type. x