Saturday, March 6, 2010


'When these open doors were open ended...' - Fall Out Boy

Love that song.

So Saturday, the best day of the week, because you know there is still another day of the weekend left after this one. I've been a busy bee over the last few days, with mostly work related stuff. I have been creating:

- Corduroy hoodies lined with flannelette
- Corduroy pants with cute little cuffs
- Women's tees
- New softies

All inspired by the sudden change of season. And yes, I am working on all of them at once, coz that's just how I roll. Here is a picture of one of the hoodies:

This afternoon, we are going on a little adventure to IKEA. I must exercise some restraint and only buy fabric. What's the bet I don't though?

Tell me about your weekend plans...

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