Sunday, December 20, 2009

What A Find!

Every now and then I do an op shop run to look for fun stuff and maybe some funky fabric to upcycle into shorts. Yesterday I did quite well. I found an Actil and Star Wars (!) doona cover, a couple of pillowcases and a linen 'Birds of Australia' teatowel - they have all been soaked and washed and will be turned into shorts. I also found a single fold out mattress. I made a smashing new cover for it and the dogs are happy with their new bed (it fits perfectly inside the crate).

But this is what I got really excited about. A bit too excited, you might say...

The entire collection of the Sesame Street Library, published in 1979 (before I was born!). The characters are completely old school. There are characters in there that I had completely forgotten about (remember Barkly?). And guess what? Not a trace of Elmo. After some googling, I discovered he first appeared in 1985. So there you go. I remember Big Bird being the popular one when I used to watch it. How times have changed.

Anyway, I bought the books because I (a) love Sesame St and (b) I love vintage and (c) I assumed they would be in pretty poor condition, so I could make gift tags out of the pages. Well, to my suprise the books are in almost perfect nick. Not a torn or scribbled on page. The covers have some age marks, but that's all. It was also pointed out to me that the series has recently sold on ebay for quite a princely sum. So these books will remain intact. I will put them away and pass them onto my kids when they are old enough to know how valuable they are...

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