Thursday, December 3, 2009

News News News

I have two exciting pieces of news today...

1. BabyBird has been offered a stall at the stunning Boutique Markets at Portside Wharf in January. Yay! I am very excited, it's such a beautiful market, with a strong focus on all things lovely and handmade.

2. BabyBird now makes shorts for boys in up to a size 6! Previously, they were only available in 00-3, but I had so many mums frustrated with the lack of boys clothes in larger sizes. So I hunted around and found a larger shorts pattern (patterns for boys shorts in size 4-6 are so elusive!), customised it and have started sewing away.

In other news, Ollie has become obsessed with all things Santa this Christmas. It's the first one where he is actually starting to understand what goes on, so while they're asleep today, I am attempting to sew him a little Santa softie. Wish me luck!

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