Friday, July 30, 2010

Handmade Hand-me-downs

Here is a pair of BabyBird shorts:

Notice anything special about them?


That's ok, they're really not that special. They're a bit faded and could probably do with an iron. But this pair of shorts makes me proud, they give me faith in my brand and the passion to keep doing what I do.

Ok. Ummm.... why?

Well, here are some facts:

- They are one of the first pairs of shorts I ever made under the BabyBird brand.
- They are approximately 2 years old
- They are a size 1 and created from heavyweight cotton
- They have been worn at least twice a week for say, 9 months by my eldest son
- They have been worn approximately twice a week for say, 5 months by my youngest son
- That's a whole lot of wear and tear on the knees and butt. A whole lot of washing, drying, time spent in the sun, on the grass, in the sand, in the dirt and rolling around with dogs.
- They are still in one piece and I've never had to mend them or fix up the stitching.

Most of my customers will notice that I do not overlock my seams - they are zig zagged, just like grandma used to do. It may not look as nicely finished as some clothes you buy, but I think my little roadtesters have shown that the shorts do withstand the rough and tumble of little boys.

BabyBird shorts are not created in a production line. They are not sewn in a factory somewhere in China. They are all made by me, in my sewing room - usually with kids playing on the floor near me. Often they are made late on a Friday night while my husband watches the footy on tv upstairs. They are made with love and care, so they can be passed down from child to child. The fact that they last and last makes me proud of my little brand. I hope you like them too.

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