Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sorry Little Blog...

I've been neglecting you lately, haven't I? I know you'll get over it though, you're a tough little thing. There has been so much going on. I will paint you a picture:

1. Lola pug is sick and needs surgery. She is struggling to breathe, as apparently over time her tendons have slackened and her soft palate is now partially blocking her airway. She is booked in for surgery next week.

2. Hoodie sales have been keeping me mighty busy. Lots of orders to sew.

3. Eddie is teething. He is getting molars, which is weird, as he doesn't have all his little front teeth yet. He sticks to me like a limpet on a rock, making getting things done quite impossible.

4. It's market time. Boutique Markets this weekend, Mathilda's next weekend. Lots of sewing to be done for them both, yet the above points are making that difficult. It's a vicious cycle. I did manage to whip up a pair of jeans yesterday that will make their debut this weekend.

5. Easter long weekend. We spent it away with family, so no work was done. Whoops.

This week shall be dedicated to work. Hopefully I get some done.


  1. I second that - will hopefully get some work done this week :p.

  2. All the best to gorgeous Lola this week with her surgery. xxx