Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Cycle...

Brain's grandma has been unwell and has been living in a nursing home for quite a few months now. Her mind is still quite sharp, but her body has become so frail. Her family have started to empty her big old house, so it can be prepared for sale. So sad. Yesterday we were asked to pop over to her house and take anything we liked, so that some of her lovely things could be kept in the family.

I chose this gorgeous old chair. It resided in the bathroom, complete with canary yellow, frilly cover (and a bin that matched!). Exploring her house was like stepping back in time, so many bits and pieces from another era. As soon as I brought the chair home, I was in my sewing room, attempting to whip up a new cover. I love it with the new cover - it gives it a bit of a muted, modern twist... now where to put it?

Thank you Grandma.


  1. So sad for Grandma but great news to keep the chair in the family it looks lovely. I love my one and wish I had a matching bin!

  2. My thoughts are with you, it is a very hard time indeed.

    I love the chair, it looks great.